Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We had this the other night

We got a late text inviting us down to a friends house for a drink on Sunday night. We had a bottle of Domaine Hamelin Chablis Premier Cri "Beauroy" 2007 in the fridge and the in-laws ready to babysit, so we hopped on our bikes, Chablis in Pam's basket, and pretty much free-wheeled the whole way down to the waterfront (the cycle back up the hill was a long way off at that stage).

Our thoughtful friends had some nice Brie and another unspecified cheese ready and it was all very pleasant. Hamelin's Chablis always has a nice balance of typicity and drinkability that makes it an excellent example of its type. 2007 wasn't a stellar vintage, but Hamelin always seems to get great consistency in their wines. The 2007 Beauroy was delicious, steely and mineral as you would expect, but with nice ripe fruit and very good balance. Really good.

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