Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Domaine Huet Vouvray Sec "Le Haut Lieu" 1995 - one day offer

Huet Vouvray is probably the most affordable truly WORLD CLASS wine. I have about 12 bottles left of the dry version from 1995. 15 years old, this wine is fully mature and there is a little bottle variation. Some bottles are magical, some are great, some are heading towards the tired end of the spectrum. None are less than interesting, however.

At this stage of their development, the flavours are tertiary, vegetal, mushroomy very very complex, but you need to be prepared for it and be ready to get your head around it.

However, it does need to be consumed soon so I want to move them on. This is a genuine 1/2 price deal on amazing wine. Normal price is €30 - you can get a bottle for €15 today and tomorrow (Wed/Thurs).

First come, first served!

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