Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shameless Bandwagon Jumping

As you know by now we have absolutely no shame when it comes to jumping on bandwagons and I am therefore happy to announce details of our much-awaited Euro 2012 Promotion:

So far, we have 3 matches, we might have more, you never know (a meeting with England in the quarter-final??), so we will line up as follows:

Ireland v Croatia, Sunday June 10th
Obviously, we don’t have any Croatian wines, but we will improvise with Slovenian and Austrian wines for this one (at the risk of upsetting someone). So:
Sunday 10th – 10% off all Slovenian and Austrian wines
Monday 11th – 20% off all Slovenian and Austrian wines – IF WE WIN

Ireland v Spain, Thursday, June 14th
Thursday, June 14th – 10% off all Spanish Wine
Friday, June 15th – 20% off all Spanish Wine – IF WE WIN

Ireland v Italy, Monday, June 18th
Monday June 18th – 10% off all Italian Wine
Tuesday, June 19th – 20% off all Italian Wine – IF WE WIN

So, basically, if you are a pessimist and think we haven’t a hope of winning against these teams, come in and get your 10% discount the day of the match. If, however, you are more optimistic/well-informed/mad and think we can win, you can avail of a 20% discount the day AFTER the match. If you are thirsty or indecisive, you can of course avail of the discounts on both days!