Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dalkey Book Festival Report

What a great weekend! There was a great buzz around the town, the weather was great and everybody was in good form and having a good time. All the events were sold out and, while I didn't get to many of them myself as I was working, the reaction seemed to be very good indeed.

We had two events in the shop - the poetry reading on Saturday had the shop packed out with people to listen to readings by two local poets - Katie Donovan and Bernie Kenny. Later, John Wilson (Irish Times) did a brilliant tasting, laced with literary quotations and he had the 70 or so people well entertained and well watered with 7 wines. The favourites (going by the sales afterwards) seemed to be Verus Pinot Gris, Baudry Chinon and Basciano Chianti. Many thanks to John for doing such a great tasting.

Thanks also due do David McWilliams and his wife Sian Smyth for doing an amazing job organizing a world class event in such a short space of time, The Dalkey Business Group, the writers involved and of course, residents, customers and friends who turned out in great numbers to make the event a success.

Looking forward to next year already!

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