Thursday, January 26, 2012

Like Wine? Like Fish? Here's €5!!

Wine & Fish Promotion
As you know we have a great new fish shop – Roberts of Dalkey - next door to us where Xtravision used to house its sulky youths and, as we have noticed lots of people coming to buy wine with fish and vice versa, we have devised a little promotion to encourage you to do more of the same. Here’s how it works….
Go in to Roberts and spend €20 on fish (or other goodies), keep your receipt and present it in On the Grapevine and we will give you €5 off your bottle (or case!) of wine….OR it also works in reverse – spend over €20 on wine and you can present your receipt to get €5 off your purchase in Roberts…..
Hope that’s clear then, we will have lots of nice whites chilling and Peter will have lots of delicious and healthy fish on offer next door – we look forward to seeing you!

The deal is on this Friday and Saturday, if it works well, we might even do it again!

Beaufield Mews Dinner
We have about 50 people booked in for tomorrow night already, with over 20 wines from 7 producers being sampled BEFORE dinner and then 4 of the wines being guzzled WITH dinner, this will be a great night – still places left for any of you last-minute types! Call the restaurant on 01 2880375 to book….

Friday, January 20, 2012

Still places left for our Winemaker's Dinner Fri 27th

WE still have a few places left for our Winemakers dinner in Beaufield Mews on Friday 27th of January, which includes a lovely four course dinner with matching wines and a chance to have a walkaround tasting before dinner to try all the wines and meet the people who make them - the winemakers include:

Millot and Guillot Broux from Burgundy, Renzo Masi from Tuscany, del Pino from Peidmont, Kunstler from Germany, Verus from Slovenia and Moric from Austria....

This is a unique event and will be a great night - tickets are for €65 all inclusive - book your place directly with the restaurant on 01 2880375.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Clear Out Begins - Bin End Sale starts today

First and long overdue post of 2012....after a Christmas season that was thankfully busy, we now face into another year with renewed energy and optimism (stop sniggering down the back) and as ever, we plan to refresh the range with new wines to keep up with the never-ending search for great wines at reasonable prices.

To make space, we are clearing out some wines - at greatly reduced prices. Some, we just can't get any more and we may as well get rid of the last few bottles. Some, we bought too much of and need to move the stock. Still other, we are just fed up looking at them and want a change...

So, if you are in the mood for a random bargain, call in and  get something deliciously cheap for the weekend.

Highlights for me are : Niepoort Sasta at a tenner, Rupert & Rothschild at a tenner, Rully at a tenner, Lamiable 1/2 btls at €12.....