Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some wines amaze...

We have been lucky enough to have been part of the couple of "Bring out your dead" wine tastings where people are asked to bring a bottle or two of wine that they have had for ages that might be over the hill. Or it might be brilliant. These occasions are always good fun and usually throw up some surprises about the longevity of wines.

I have written before about how Pieropan Soave has lasted 2 weeks in the fridge, still drinkable when we came back after our holidays. I got another such surprise with a wine called MArques de Allela 2005. This is a simple, light (11.5%) wine made in the hills outside Barcelona, meant to be drunk young, chilled and with fish. It always reminded me of a Spanish Picpoul with its twist of lemon and memories of seaside.

As far as I know, this wine isn't available in Ireland any more, but we found a bottle lurking in the fridge in the shop. I didn't want to sell it as, at 5 years old,  I assumed it was over the hill, but the colour seemed intact, so I took it home and it was as fresh as a daisy, delicious, light summery white.

Not so with the Ridge Chardonnay 2003, all of which seems to be completely oxidised. Oh well.

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