Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tasting this weekend

This weekend in the shop we will open some wines from St. Michael Eppan. This producer in Alto Adige is one of the best white wine producers in Italy, awarded Winery of the Year in 2000. They are most famous in Italy for their top range of wines under the St. Valentin range, but the market in Ireland is limited for €30 oak-aged Pinot Grigio, so we tend to focus on wines lower down the pecking order.
I actually prefer the less expensive wines anyway, because they express perfectly all that is good about Alto Adige - clean, fresh fruit flavours, well made and offering decent value for money. So we will have a couple of whites open - maybe the Riesling Montiggl and the Lahn Sauvignon - both beautiful expressions of their varietal and origins. We will also open the Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir to the rest of you or Blauburgunder if you insist on speaking German) which is a very interesting red from this white-dominated region...

Call in if you can!

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