Monday, August 18, 2008

St. Michael Eppan

What a weekend! The apocalyptic rain on Saturday meant that customers were in short supply for the Alto Adige tasting, so I only opened 2 bottles - the Sauvignon Lahn 2006 and the Pinot Nero Riserva 2003.

The sauvignon was crisp, fresh and dry with more of an emphasis on minerality than fruit. The fruit was there alright, present and correct, but the minerality won out so this is a wine for fans of Sancerre and Pouilly Fume as opposed to lovers of Marlborough.

The Pinot was quite burgundian in style, the few years of bottle age giving it a farmyardy character on the nose. It is lightish in body, but with lots of nice Pinot fruit, crisp acidity and a silky texture. I thought it was delicious, but some didn't like it, saying they thought it was too thin. Needs food as well, to show it at its best, would be great with duck or game.....

We were out on Friday for a few pints - is it just me or is Guinness very inconsistent in Dublin?
3 pints - one good, one ok and one very poor, not a great return, if you ask me. so we went home and drank some Midleton (thanks John) instead which was very good, of course.

Then we were out in a really good new Thai restaurant in town called Koh. Very cool interior and crowd, good food and decent wine list. Recommended.....

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