Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The doctor says....

I had a check up recently and the much feared liver function test had a few undecipherable phrases in red ink that didn't look too good. Red ink, I know from bank statements, is not normally good news.

What does this mean, I ask the doc.
Well, he says, do you drink every day? (his practice is across from the shop)
Most days.
You should cut it down to 2 / 3 days a week and come back in and we will test you again after no drink for 5 days!
No problem, I said.

(What I was thinking was 2 days per week! 2 DAYS!!)

So I will cut down a bit, will probably be good for me. And there was me giving out about binge drinking!
Day 2 now.
Dinner last night very boring.

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