Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Superquinn takeover?

I must say I find the news that Superquinn is up for sale, probably to be taken over by Sainsbury (bad enough), Asda / Walmart (the Dark Side) or Tesco (surely not!?!) is quite depressing, but predictable. I have often berated Superquinn for their bogus wine sales where the wines on sale are bought in specially for the sale and given inflated RRPs to make them look like good value, but overall I like their stores.

With every town now resembling Middle England and out of town shopping centres becoming the norm here just as the UK and US are realising that the centre of its actual towns are dying, is there anybody out there who wants to shop in Irish-owned shops? Dunnes Stores will be the only remaining Irish-owned supermarket left, and for how long?

On a more pertinent note, I liked John Wilson's article in last Saturday's Irish Times about supporting your local wine shop. I know, I have a certain vested interest in this, but the same is true of your local baker / butcher / candlestick maker. In Dalkey, we have a really good old-school baker, a butcher, the wonderful world of Select Stores and many other independent shops (including ourselves!). All the products or versions thereof are available in the nearest Tesco or whatever, probably a bit cheaper but also of lower quality with zero service levels. If the trend is a rush to the lowest common denominator, we are handing our cash and all the power to the big supermarkets; small shops will vanish and our towns and villages will become wastelands. Is this really what we want?

The story is repeated in every town and village in the country, so shop local, folks, whenever possible, support your local independent shops. Also, go for a pint now and again, the pubs need us as well!!


Lar said...

And if you're looking for that local wine shop and have lost your way, check out the wine map of Ireland

Gabriel Cooney said...

cool, good idea....