Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Friday - what's so good about it?

When I was but a boy, I often wondered why Good Friday was so called. Jesus seemed like a nice enough guy, what was so good about him being crucified? On top of that, you couldn't eat chocolate or meat or anything, the day really had very little to recommend it. But then I joined the wine trade and realised that Good Friday was one of the only 2 days in the year when you can't sell alcohol. It gets better, because usually the sales on Thursday make up for the lost sales (today has been quiet so far, mind you...). So you get a day off with no loss in sales - it is good after all.

Of course, this being Ireland , there has to be a way around not being able to buy drink. That loophole is that you can buy drink if you are in transit, so you can buy a drink on trains, boats etc. Busy day for Iarnrod Eireann, then.

La Peniche is a restaurant on a barge on the Grand Canal and they are booked out for four sittings (I mean sailings) tomorrow. How cool is that? See for further info.

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