Friday, April 17, 2009

Beaufield Mews - great wine list

Now I am biased because I know John and Julie in Beaufield Mews quite well and they stock some of our wines, so I am declaring this upfront. However, we were there the other night and the list John has put together is really interesting and incredibly well priced.

At a time when restaurants are getting slated for not offering value for money, this is a real relief. My experience of some (un-named) restaurants recently is that value can be got on a headline early bird menu, but the wine list is a relic of the Celtic Tiger bad old days. In many restaurants, I find it hard to order any wine because the list is such a ripoff and I find myself choosing the wine they are making least margin on rather than what I want to drink.

Not so here. You can pick from a well chosen, eclectic list safe in the knowledge that, at any price level, you are being charged fair prices.

Throw in a beautiful room and decent grub and you have a reasonable offering. Well worth considering...

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! Really improving, good to see less of the whingeing and more can-do attitude - I keep meaning to pop in and support the shop next time I'm in Dalkey. C'mon the Grapevine!