Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bussola Valpolicella TB

Pieropan Soave 2007 is fresh delicate and delicious. Degani's stuff I have written about before and the Bussola Valpolicella TB was outstanding. This wine is more of an Amarone than a Valpolicella. Full, rich, Christmassy stuff with loads of complexity and character. Great, great wine. The only thing about it is, it is as volatile as Tommaso himself. Wild and funky on the nose, but that's not the only funny thing. I opened a bottle last Wednesday with Ian in Chapter One because I was keen to try it and so was he. I knew we had the tasting in the shop on Friday so I vacuumed it and kept it till Friday. By which time it was oxidised! This is a wine should get better being open for a couple of days, so I was a bit disappointed. So, if you buy this wine be sure you are in a position to drink it in one sitting. At 14.5% alcohol and flavour and body galore, just get yourself in the mood, that's all I'm saying. It's still gorgeous though.

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