Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Roederer Dinner

Demand for champagne continues to go through the roof worldwide, thanks to the nouveau riche in China and India. It's so vulgar, these people with lots of money. Anyway, to launch Roederer's new packaging (very smart) we were at a dinner in Harvey Nichols restaurant in Dundrum shopping centre (very bling).

I have to say I have always thought the Roederer non-vintage Brut Premier is one of the best champagnes on the market. Bollinger is nice as well, more full-bodied etc, but Brut Premier is always elegant and balanced and very classy. AS well has Brut Premier, we had the Rose which is delicious and very hard to get. Then we had Cristal 2002 which is already very tasty. but with a long life ahead of it. After that, we had Chateau de Pez 2003 from Saint Estephe (owned by Roederer). This was drinking beautifully, ripe, pure with soft tannins and a really nice glass. WE finished with the 10 YO Tawny from Ramos Pinto. Then more Brut Premier.

There was food as well which was excellent throughout.

Nothing like champagne on a Monday to get your week off to an appropriate start.

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