Monday, September 8, 2008

Charity Balls

I was very kindly invited to charity ball in the Four Seasons on Saturday night (thanks, again Kieran) and it just occurred to me that these things seem so 2007 (not trying to sound like a Dalkey teenager). We had a great night as we were with people who are great fun and out for a good time, but a couple of things struck me about the whole scene...

These things seem to be populated by people who do this for a living, it's all fake tan and faker smiles, air kissing and haw hawing all round. But the mood was different this year. It just seemed a bit .... subdued. The lecture on the economy by the auctioneer before trying to get us to cough up large amounts of money for signed rugby jerseys and other assembled useless things didn't help to cheer anyone either.

Anyway, the wine was donated by somebody and it was Caliterra Sauv Blanc and Cabernet from Chile. All I can say about it is it was a nice natural way to curb your consumption of booze for the night. And no, before you ask, I can't afford to sponsor something better. Anyway, we hit the bar for pints of black stuff later on, so I easily reached my target consumption of units of alcohol for the week again.

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