Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Parking Angels

This correspondent has been a frequent critic of the parking regime that exits in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County for a while now - let's just say I am "known" to the authorities on this issue.

As I have said many times before, I think Pay and Display parking is a necessary and potentially positive part of traffic management in towns such as Dalkey with limited parking and many people who commute into Dublin for work. However, the enforcement leaves a lot to be desired. Overzealous is an understatement - I think vindictive is closer to the mark. We are all losing business as customers are driven out of the town by sociopathic parking ticket demons. At the same time, the council is STILL rezoning yet more land around the M50 for more out of town shopping centres, while there are over 30 retail units in Dun Laoghaire lying empty. Take a walk down Dun Laoghaire main street if your life is missing a bit of grim depression - charity shops, pound shops and bookies compete with empty shops for your attention.

Anyway, Ouzos restaurant has taken a great new initiative to try and combat the parking demons. They are sending people out on the streets in Blackrock and, if your ticket is nearly expired, they will top it up with 50c with a notice like the one above on your windscreen. So you come back to your car and, instead of the usual parking ticket, you find the parking angel has topped up your parking for you. Leaving you to spend the €40 you have  saved in a local business instead. Neat, huh?

Something that business associations all over the country could take note of as I know we are not on our own with hyperactive traffic wardens all over the country annoying people...


Joyce Austin said...

Hi Gabriel,

As a regular visiting New Zealander, I can only say I am delighted to hear of this angel initiative by Ouzos. What a bright idea! Give them a free bottle of our new vintage Muddy Water Sauv Blanc when it lands in a few weeks as a thankyou. The number of times those wardens have caught me out visiting shops around the country is atrocious. Does nothing for the keen visitor trying to do business! I look forward to my angel ticket when I'm there shortly..


Gabriel Cooney said...

Thanks Joyce, will do!
I see you're a New Zealander now since they won the world cup!!