Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't listen to the Central Bank

On a day when the Central Bank have told us that we are in even more shit that their last terrible prediction, we can only console ourselves with the thought: What do they know?

Sticking with the positive, here is some news from us, all of it good.

Rosso di Sera 2000 - Supertuscan from top Chianti producer Poggiopiano reduced from €50 to €25 until its all gone. Only bottle quantities left. We drank this last weekend and it is seriously good.

Foradori - price reduction from €22.50 to €19.99. Had this last night, gorgeous.

Grauzan Pinot Noir just in - this is light, juicy Pinot from the uber-reliable Domaine Grauzan. A very un-Pinot price of €10.99

Hamelin Chablis is back in after a spell out of stock. We have been unable to get same quality at this price, so it's a big relief to get it back in.

Zenato range are all reduced in price, including Ripassa down to under €20.

So, don't listen to the Central Bank - for some cheerful news, try us!!

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