Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some new value wines

I am happy to report that people are still buying wine, despite the fear and anguish stalking the land. However, people are definitely spending less, either buying fewer bottles or buying less expensive wines. I don't mind - as long as people are still coming in to us; as long as - 10 years on - we are still RELEVANT - I am happy enough.

We are conscious not to skimp on quality and so we have been getting through a fair few samples with a view to finding wines that are good quality and can sell at around a tenner. We have dispatched many samples to the neighbours or the drain, but we have found some interesting ones - there will be more to follow:

Poggerissi Rosso di Toscana - a great value, 100% Sangiovese from Rufina, this is cracking stuff. Lots of bitter cherry fruit, decent body and great with a bowl of pasta midweek. €10

Domaine Grauzan Sauvignon Blanc - crisp, fresh, dry and fruity. Half the price of Sancerre, more mellow and cheaper than Marlborough - great house wine crowd pleaser - €10

Simone Joseph Syrah/Grenache - another great crowd-pleaser - juicy, fruity but with enough structure to keep everything in check. Think Cotes du Rhone, but €4 cheaper - €9.

Simone Joseph Chardonnay - unoaked, from South of France. Drop that nasty, neutral Macon Lugny right now and get a decent drop in your glass - €11

REdfin Shiraz/Grenache (Oz) - want something smooth that everyone will like without having to think about it too much? Try this for €10 or 2 for €18

Los Prados Chenin / Semillon (Argentina) - nice blend from a good producer - crisp and fresh with plenty of fruit. Very gluggable €10 or 2 for €18

Araldica Barbera d'Asti - value from Piedmont? Yes it can be done - juicy, light and fruity - perfect with spag bol on a wed night. €11.

Campo de Borja Joven Seleccion - Garnacha - soft, ripe, smooth and fruity. The kind of wine that Spain does brilliantly - great at €11.

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