Monday, November 10, 2008

Good places for wine....

I had a trade tasting on Wednesday in Ely CHQ in which we tasted our full Italian range. We hadn't done a trade tasting in quite a while so it was a relief to see just how well received our wines always are at these kind of things. Right through the range, the professionals who turned up enjoyed the wines and were really excited about them. Ely is a fantastic place to do a tasting by the way. In fact I have been in the all three Elys recently in various states from professional wine visit to late night "last bottles" and it just reminded me that they are great places for wine lovers and deserve our support.

I also did a tasting on Friday evening for Beaufield Mews staff, again mainly Italian wines. The wines went down well, but what always strikes me about John's list is the value on offer. The pricing policy in this venerable south Dublin establishment is among the most civilised in the city. Anybody who likes wine should check this out as the list is really good and really well-priced. A list of this quality is a rarity.

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firstpress said...

Gabriel. I didn't know about this or would have loved to have come along. I've linked into your blog via my own now firstpress.blogspot
Your'e right Ely does deserve our support