Friday, October 3, 2008

Credit Crunch wines

We had 10% off all our Italian wines last month and it got a really good reaction because everyone wants a little saving here and there and people realised and appreciated that it was a genuine 10% saving as opposed to a bogus 40% of 50% you get in supermarket sales.

Aaanyway, we are doing the same in October, but on French wines. It is linked with tastings on French wines each weekend, hope you can make it in at some stage.

This weekend we are tasting a Gewurztraminer from Dopff & Irion. This is a grape variety that, I have to admit, I have no great desire for. However, people who do like it, love it. This one is dry and is pretty decent example. We also have a bordeaux called Chateau Segonzac - this is very cleverly packaged beacuse all you can see on the label is "Grand Vin de Bordeaux", "Vieilles Vignes" and "Cru Bourgeois". The lowly appellation of Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux is in tiny writing on the bottom of the label. The wine, however, is very decent in the modern, fruity, forward style.

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Paula said...

We tend to buy our wines online from sites such as Majestic Wine as there is very little selection in town. I do agree with you that supermarkets seem to artificially inflate their prices and knock 50% off to try and make it look like you are saving a bundle. I have seen it done on various Californian wines.