Saturday, October 4, 2008

Basic Bourgogne

John Wilson's article in today's Irish Times extols the virtues of entry level Bourgogne from good producers. He has our Darviot-Perrin Bourgogne blanc in the article, but I know from visiting Burgundy that this is a really good area for value, because these wines get the same TLC as the more famous wines by the same producers at prices a fraction of the cost.

By coincidence, I felt like something decent last night, so I had the Bourgogne Rouge from Mugneret Gibourg, who are one of the very best producers in Vosne Romanee. The estate is run by 3 very charming sisters and they produce beautiful wine with concentration, balance and a silky texture that runs through all their wines. This wine was from 2003, so slightly atypical, ripe but still beautiful balance and wonderful complexity. It is a wine that could easily have Vosne Romanee on the label, cost twice the price and you would still think it was great.

I think the 2005 vintage of this Bourgogne will be reviewed by John soon, interested to see what he thinks.


Will said...


Just had a look through your winelist. Do you stock Mugneret Gibourg (I couldn't find it on your list)?


Gabriel Cooney said...

Hi Will, yes we have some Mugneret Bourgogne 03 and 05 in the shop as well as a few bottles of Vosne. Don't have it on list as it comes and goes....