Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Herdade dos Grous tasting this Friday 11th

We just got in a consignment of wine from Herdade dos Grous - a wine recommended to me by a customer who dropped in a sample. We all liked it, I got a sample of the white from the estate, liked that as well and put in an order.

The estate is in Alentejo, just beside Maladinha and is managed by Luis Duarte, who also consults for Maladinha, amongst other top names in Portugal. It is at the forefront of the new, modern, well equipped wineries which put a modern slant on traditional Portuguese grape varieties and do a very good job at it. They are also embracing the movement for wine tourism that is all the rage in southern Portugal right now, offering a range of activities, a restaurant and rooms to rent at the estate as well as cellar visits and wine-tasting.

We will be doing a bit of wine-tasting ourselves on Friday evening in the shop on Friday evening. when we will be trying the range we have in from this exciting estate.

Tasting at the shop in Dalkey from 5-8pm, Friday July 11th.

Come along if you can....

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Anonymous said...

Makes sense , especially if you are in GEOLOGIE with CONDOLEEZA RICE and CHLIZE .
Not only that, ACOCC got the logbooks - OLAH.
So, when they say ELSALVADOR- YEMEN- UTAH- VERMONT- SEALS...they know wtf they are talking about.
That's why " KANSAS KINGS" is a " CANNES".
See ya there.