Monday, April 28, 2008

Match of the Day

Watching Match of the Day the other night and finishing a bottle of Felton Road Chardonnay 2002, which had been delicious with roast chicken earlier on and I got a craving for a bit of cheese. Now, foodies and wine anoraks alike have been extolling the virtues of white wine and cheese for many years now, but I hadn't been paying much attention, so I decided on the only sensible course of action in such a situation - just eat whatever is in the fridge.

In this case, it was some slightly out-of-date (ie extra mature) Cooleeney. What a match! Went down really well together and enhanced my football viewing no end. Pam came down then looking for her glass which she had left in the fridge earlier, but it had unfortunately evaporated.

Some bottles are just not big enough....


Anonymous said...

You should try blue cheese when watching Chelsea - just like smello-vision!

Anonymous said...

have found that the bbc web stream of match of the day is deeply flawed. Have resorted to staring at a frozen screen whilst munching pitta bread and hummus. Admittedly the hummus is very good but it doesn't really compensate for the loss of my beloved football. The pitta bread was adequate, i burned it a little in the toaster.
Jack, edinburgh