Tuesday, June 11, 2013

On the Guttervine Wine & Book Shop

Back in the mists of time when I was trying to figure out what to do when I grew up, I always fancied having a book shop. Wine shop was up there as well, but books have always had a fascination for me - from when I was a lad devouring every book I could get my hands on, through the embarrassing pseudo-intellectual phase that lasted longer than it really should have and through to my current love of reading, albeit in snatches here and there when not working/sleeping/eating/driving kids here, there and everywhere.

However, wine won the day and 14 years later, here we are. However, the Dalkey Book Festival is on this weekend June 14-16th and Dalkey finds itself without a bookshop. One of my favourite bookshops is The Gutter Bookshop in Temple Bar so I thought why not live the dream, just for a weekend and get these guys to open a pop - up bookshop in our shop for the weekend.

And that's what we're doing - this Friday through to Sunday, we will have wine and books - what a combination! - all weekend. We will have lots of bottles open for tasting, the Gutter will have lots of books by all the writers featured in the festival - we are all geared up for it; make sure you call in!

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