Monday, February 4, 2013

A great night in the Yacht Club

Sometimes it just comes together. We had the opportunity to have 5 winemakers over together thanks to the good work of my colleague, Liam, who was trying to put a Winemakers' Weekend together, with a day in Dublin and a day in Westport. It takes quite a lot of coordination to get 5 people, who are all busy doing their own thing, to be able and willing to come to Ireland on the same weekend and with the same agenda.

So, we were lucky enough to have 5 great winemakers together - Fritz Becker (Pinot Noir, Germany), Phillipp Wittmann (Riesling, Germany), Stephane Vedeau (Cotes du Rhone and lots besides), Also Degani (Valpolicella) and Miro Mundi from Slovenia.

We contacted the National Yacht Club who put together a great menu - all we had to do was get some wine together and get some people to turn up!

It was a great line up of wines and food in a great location and on a Friday night, so we were delighted when we finally had 83 people for the tasting and dinner - a great turnout and we think everyone enjoyed themselves. Some pics below, courtesy of snap-happy Anne McManus who has some better looking pics here.

Aldo Degani, Valpol maestro

Fritz Becker, Pinot Prince of Pfalz

Miro Mundi, ya bauld thing

Phillipp Wittmann, looking guilty

Some of the gang enjoying themselves

Stephane Vedeau got up at 3AM to be with us - respect!

More happy people

Even the table number is smiling.
So we would like to thank the winemakers for coming over, the Yacht Club for doing such a great job on the food and service and of course the customers who came along and made it such a great night. Till the next time!


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