Friday, May 11, 2012

The Stability Wine Tasting

I heard someone on the radio the other day talking about some vote or other on May 31st. I didn't get the details because I was busy putting together the plans for our SUMMER WINE FAIR, taking place on the same date. It fits in really well because you might well need a stiff drink by the time you have finished voting, so how better to celebrate than with a Wine Tasting?

The details are :

  • Summer Wine Fair, Thursday May 31st 6PM to 8.30PM
  • Location : The Magpie Inn (upstairs)
  • We will be showcasing a lot of new wines, including some great options for "summer"
  • Great discounts for orders on the night
  • It's only €10 to get in to taste over 50 wines - and you get your tenner back if you put in an order!

So, this is a really important decision and you should really educate yourself about the details, weigh up the options and then decide to come to our Wine Fair. 

We will have lots of wines from France, which have just got a lot more interesting (and less annoying). Italy will be well represented by plenty of nicely presented wines trying not to look like they are enjoying themselves too much. The Spanish wines are as good as ever, despite the slightly worried look on their faces. Wines from Germany and Austria will, of course, be central to the proceedings. The UK and Sweden have decided not to take part in the tasting this time. 

There won't be any Greek wine, unfortunately.

Some people have said we should defer the tasting till after the summer, but we are determined to go ahead with it, so should you come along for a great night out? YES!

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