Friday, January 13, 2012

Clear Out Begins - Bin End Sale starts today

First and long overdue post of 2012....after a Christmas season that was thankfully busy, we now face into another year with renewed energy and optimism (stop sniggering down the back) and as ever, we plan to refresh the range with new wines to keep up with the never-ending search for great wines at reasonable prices.

To make space, we are clearing out some wines - at greatly reduced prices. Some, we just can't get any more and we may as well get rid of the last few bottles. Some, we bought too much of and need to move the stock. Still other, we are just fed up looking at them and want a change...

So, if you are in the mood for a random bargain, call in and  get something deliciously cheap for the weekend.

Highlights for me are : Niepoort Sasta at a tenner, Rupert & Rothschild at a tenner, Rully at a tenner, Lamiable 1/2 btls at €12.....

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