Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Special - literally! Save almost 25% on Pasqua Passimento

Pasqua, as we all know (as of this morning), is the Italian word for Easter and, as it happens, we have just the thing to wash down Spring lamb or anything else you might have...

Pasqua are a large producer of mostly mediocre wines from Italy, so it was without much excitement that we tried this wine about a month ago. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the intensity and concentration of fruit and it made us take another look.

It is made from semi-dried grapes, using Corvina, Craotina (both varieties commonly used in the wines of Valpolicella) and a dash of Merlot. Partially drying the grapes concentrates the fruit and the sugars and makes for a turbo-charged version of a modern Valpolicella.

This is a different process to that used for Ripassa (where they introduce Valpolicella onto the lees of the Amarone to induce a second fermentation). This is more like a halfway house to Amarone. If you like Ripassa, you will love this.

The wine is full-bodied, with rich dark fruit, chocolate and spice, soft tannins and a nice velvetty texture.

It is delicious and on offer - normal RRP is €16.99 - we are selling a chunk of it at €12.99.

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