Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday celebrations - St. Patrick's Day

On the Grapevine will be 11 years old on Wednesday. It has been quite a journey - it seems like only yesterday when we were madly varnishing floors and packing shelves as we took a big leap into the unknown, with neither Pam nor myself having had any experience in the wine trade prior to opening the shop.

On another level, we have immersed ourselves so completely in it since then, that our previous lives seem quite distant. The arrival of 3 children and various other ups and downs have made the 11 years go past in something of a blur.

And so, here we are. To celebrate the occasion, we will have various bottles open for tasting and we will offer a free glass of champagne to anyone who would care to join us.

As well as all that, we are doing 20% of EVERYTHING for the day.

Real deals on real wines - there is a theme developing....

Hope to see you there, we will be open from noon till 6pm.

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