Monday, August 17, 2009

What we drank over the weekend....

I've been reviewing the stocks at home, we don't have much - mainly random bottles put away over the years and samples still to be tried. Some of them are getting a bit long in the tooth so we have started getting stuck in to them. First up on Friday wa Meerlust Rubicon 1997. I'm not normally too enthusiastic about south African reds, finding them over-oaked and I am always suspicious that they might be throwing in a bit of Pinotage on the sly.

Anyway, Meerlust Rubicon has always been a favourite and I was keen to see how this was getting on. On the nose it reminded me of Bordeaux - cedar, pencil shavings, tobacco - all the stuff you would expect from an aged claret. I felt the fruit had dried out a little on the palate and as a result, the overall effect was somewhat underwhelming. Pleasant, but past its best, just about hanging in there.

Last night, we had a nice piece of lamb and a bottle of Tignanello 1996 that has been waving at me for a few weeks now. This was one of the original Supertuscans, 80% SAngiovese and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. When I tasted it first, I thought it had a strange metallic taste, the fruit wasn't brilliant and those SAngiovese tannins were sticking out a bit. It got better as the meal went on and it opened up a bit. Overall, I was hugely disappointed with this wine and, if I had spent €150 or so in a restaurant, I would have been really annoyed. However, Pam really liked it, so maybe it was just me.

On Saturday, we were out in Ouzo's - we had a really nice meal there - and, to drink we had a bottle of Alasia Sec, a Muscat from Piedmont. This was aromatic, fresh and fruity and accompanied our seafood well. Reasonably priced too at €24. The fish in Ouzo's is very good and the service was charming. My only complaint is that the wine list comes only from one supplier - but then, I am biased.

So, we had two iconic, world class, well aged reds and 1 bottle of a cheap white from a co-op in Piedmont. Of the three, I enjoyed the white most of all - is there something wrong with me? Or should I be drinking these wines earlier?

Maybe a bit of both.


michaell said...

Out with the OLD.
Is it the time of the year for a spot of clearing out and finally getting to those bottles at the back.
Have drank a 87 Sassicia; 89 Musar; an 88 vieux Telegraph; '94 couleee de serrant; and a 99 Lynch Bages recently. The vieux telegraph was the only one that gave pleasure.
Maybe we are just not used to drinking older wines but right now I'm wondering why bother?

Gabriel Cooney said...

Mmm, glad its not just me, we have other stuff as well, will report as we go through them.