Monday, June 8, 2009

Burgundy Report - Vincent Daux, Rully

In our continuing quest to find wines in tune with the Zeitgeist without taking our eye off the quality ball, these wines might fit the bill. (Serious mixing of metaphors there, sorry about that).

Vincent is like the kid in school who always did meticulous school projects. Neatly presented, thoughtful projects that always got lots of praise from the teacher. He has carried these slightly annoying traits into winemaking. Reds and whites in the Rully appellation that are well-made, clean, fresh and pure. Meanwhile, Vincent is there with his neat hair and his freshly ironed shirt, smiling at the oohs and aahs emanating from the gathered tasters.

Two cuvees of white, the basic one is so good that it makes the more expensive one superfluous. Likewise the red. These are the kind of wines that you could drink every day without feeling any hardship whatsoever. These could be good, we haven't bought any of these yet, but may have to consider them.

The presentation is very good, obviously, this is Vincent we are talking about. Still he smiles....

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