Monday, May 18, 2009

Darviot Perrin 2006 and Chavy 2007

These are the wines we tasted at the weekend in the shop:

Darviot Perrin generally runs a vintage behind because his malos take an age to finish and he doesn'r rush to bottle, that's why his are 06 while Chavy is 07.

Darviot Perrin Bourgogne "Les Magnys" 2006 - reduced from €25.50 to €20
This has a complex nose, quite broad on the palate and rich, smooth and classy on the palate. Red apples and ripe, citrus fruit blend well with the oak to make for a bargain at this price.

Darviot Perrin Chassagne Montrachet "Bergerie" 2006 - reduced from €45 to €35
This has all of the above, only more so. Broad, expansive on the palate, ripe fruit and just enough oak. This is concentrated but elegant and harmonious.

Darviot Perrin Meursault "Tessons" 2006 - reduced from€48 to €35
This was not as open as the Chassagne, but again quite full-bodied, rich but elegant. Very nice, but probably needs another year or two to show its stuff.

Darviot Perrin Beaune Premier Cru "Belissandes" 2006 - down from €40 to €30
This was quite tannic and tight when first opened, but was better a few days later. Very Cote de Beaune-style Pinot, lightish body, but with nice strawberry fruit but quite earthy and mineral on the finish.

Darviot Perrin Chassagne Montrachet Premier Cru "Bondues" 2006 - down from €40 to €30
The second red from Darviot was more attractive for early drinking - silky, sexy texture, fruit darker - raspberry instead of strawberry - softish tannins. Really charming, no hardship involved whatsoever.

Chavy Bourgogne 2007 - reduced from €25 to €20
Made with grapes rom Puligny, this is usually like a mini Puligny. This was much fresher and crisper in style - it usually is, but exaggerated by the 07 vintage. Classt though, very nice, needs food.

Chavy Puligny Montrachet 2007 - reduced from €50 to €37.50
Sadly faulty. Not corked, but volatile - full bottle still lurking in the back of the shop!

Chavy Meursault "Narvaux" 2007 - reduced from €48 to €36
Once again Philippe has crafted a fine Meursault, crisper and fresher again that Darviot, but still very classy wine. 6 months in bottle will make it even better.

A great tasting all round from 2 of our favourite producers and these wines are now very good value at these prices. Order 12 bottles and you will get a further 10% discount.

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Will said...

Sounds like a great tasting, I'm sorry to have missed it. The wines sounded very nice. I think the vintage characteristics really shone through with the 2 producers. Pity about the Chavy Puligny though!