Monday, May 12, 2008

Waterslides report

Back from Tuscany, and happy to report the waterslides were really of a very high standard. That's that overwith and I'm not going to bore you with stories of how good value the food was blah blah blah.

So, what else to report? Well, we only did two winery visits, one to Fattoria di Basciano in Rufina. Paola and Annarita were as charming as ever and booked us into a restaurant for lunch with which we had their Rosado. It would have to be a bad Rose indeed to taste bad on a summer's day in Tuscany sitting in a restaurant surrounded by vines and very pleasant it was. We thought that was it, until larger glasses emerged and the Chianti Rufina 2006 came out. This was great until even bigger glasses came out and the Riserva 2005 was poured. I had to take it easy as I was driving, so I just had a little of each - I still thing the basic Rufina is hard to beat. The Riserva was good too, but the oak was still overpowering things slightly, I'm sure it will develop nicely though. Meanwhile, Pam went on to get roaring drunk as usual (only joking, she was the picture of sobriety as always).

More tomorrow...

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